ZIRI Electrical produce Frequency inverter and soft starter since 2003. nearly 20 years experience and professional make us to win more and more customer supports. ZIRI Electrical are also automation control solution provider.

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CHZIRI VFD used for renewable ,mainly use solar energy to pumping water. CHZIRI Solar Pumping VFD(variable frequency drives) reduces the amount of energy...


When the mains power is abnormal, the EPS drives the load through the internal inverter output AC power, and the frequency converter plays the role of the inverter in the EPS...

Food & Beverage

CHZIRI VFD are mainly used in production facilities, transmission equipment and packaging equipment for food and beverage industry...

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Industry Manufacturing

CHZIRI Frequency inverter can widely use for automation control system. applied to different industry manufacturing...

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ZIRI Electrical Technology Co.Ltd

Established in 2003, ZIRI Electrical is a specialist manufacturer of electrical drive and automation control solution provider . three core products are frequency inverter ,soft starter and control panel .

ZIRI Electrical offers tailor-made solutions that can meet the demanding specifications of our customers. Speed, reliability, flexibility and quality are our ways of achieving excellence. It is this reputation that has enabled us, over the years, to develop a strategic position in the market.

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A:We offer 16 months warranty time.
A:If there have CHZIRI dealer/distributor in your country, CHZIRI Partner will offer on site service. If there don't have distributi...


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ZIRI Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., as an electrical drive manufacturer and automation control solution provider with 20 years of professional experience, provides you with inverters, frequency converters, smart pump controllers, VFDs, AC soft starters, Updates on news about motor starters and more.

how does a soft start work?

how does a soft start work?

It is a device used to control the starting process of an AC motor. Its main purpose is to limit the initial large current inrush of the motor at startup, thereby protecting the motor and power system

Which are the differences between frequency converter and soft starter in application field?

Frequency inverter and soft starter are two different types of devices used to control the starting and running of motors, but there are obvious differences in their working principles, applications and functions.

frequency converter

Common faults and repair methods of frequency converters, it is recommended to collect them!

Then follow the editor's steps to solve related problems such as the frequency converter failing to start normally and unstable output and how to solve them.

Pump Inverter

What is a pump Inverter?

What is a pump Inverter? Generally speaking, it is: AC-DC-AC (or rectification first-then inverter). The pump Inverter that undergoes this process is also called AC-DC-AC frequency conversion, and it is also in various industries. One of the more used. In addition, there is a kind of AC-AC conversion, which is also called AC-AC converter.

Frequency Inverter manufacturer talks about the differences between servo drive system and inverter system

The frequency inverter manufacturer will introduce to you the differences between servo drive systems and inverter systems, including control objects, control accuracy, overload resistance, low-frequency characteristics, acceleration and deceleration performance, dynamic response, application occasions, etc. Please read the following content carefully for more information.

Characteristics and application fields of frequency converters

Characteristics of frequency converter1. Adjustable speed: The frequency converter can control the motor output frequency and voltage to realize the motor speed regulation function, and the motor spee