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Quality Warranty

Online Technical support service 24 hours all the day time .

Warranty time :16 Months.

If the products get damaged by quality problem within the warranty time .we will send you the spare parts for free. If the inverter caused improper and incorrect operation . we will we will not be responsible for the loss caused .the user need to buy the spare parts to repair .

In case of a quality failure, the following regulations will be implemented:This product has quality problems within 1 month from the date of purchase by the user .the manufacturer shall take responsibility for return, replacement and repair(except non-standard inverter)
This product has quality problems within 3 months from the date of purchase by the user . the manufacturer shall take responsibility for replacement and repair.
This product has a quality problem within 12 months from the date of purchase. The manufacturer shall take responsibility for and repair.
If the purchase date cannot be confirmed, the warranty period shall be within 18 months of the ship date from the manufacturer, and the paid service will be paid if the warranty period is exceeded. The inverter of our company will enjoy lifetime paid service no matter when and where it is used.
If the inverter is damaged due to the following reasons, even within the warranty period, the user is required to pay for repair service:
Damage caused by incorrect operation against user manual.
Damage caused by exceeding the standard and technical requirements of the frequency converter.
Damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood, abnormal voltage, etc.
Man-made damage caused by unauthorized self-repair or transformation.
Inverter aging or failure caused by poor environment.
Payment is not settled on time as per purchasing agreement.
Label, trademark and manufacture date of the inverter cannot be identified.
Damage caused by improper transport or storage after purchase.
The use conditions of installation, wiring, operation and maintenance cannot be described objectively and practically.
Return, replacement or repair service will be provided only the product must be returned to the company, and the return or repair service can be made only after the responsibility is confirmed.
If the product has quality problems or product accidents, Our company only assumes the responsibility for the content mentioned above. If the user needs more guarantees of responsibility, please apply for insurance from the insurance company.for repair service:


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