Opportunities and challenges faced by the VFD industry under the "double carbon" goal

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After more than 20 years of continuous development of domestic inverters in China, the entire industry and market structure are becoming more and more mature. For the domestic inverter industry, opportunities and challenges coexist! Especially since the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", under the environment of the "dual carbon" development goal proposed by the state, the new energy industry is surging. It is more practical to respond to the development requirements of "double carbon" and further contribute to "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".


At present, due to the requirements of the "dual carbon" development goal, various high-energy-consuming enterprises continue to promote process optimization and energy saving and consumption reduction, which requires more motors to shift from the traditional and inefficient operation and speed regulation mode to frequency conversion as the driving mode. , Due to various factors such as the international situation and the new crown epidemic, traditional large state-owned enterprises have also opened the door for domestic brands, which is a huge market opportunity for the entire domestic inverter market.

In addition, under the advancement of the "dual carbon" development goal, the domestic motor standards are gradually changing from IE3 to IE4 and IE5, and the motor form is also dominated by asynchronous, and gradually shifted to the two general directions of permanent magnet synchronous and synchronous reluctance. Energy-saving motors are all inseparable from the support of the driver! Whether it is a new market opportunity or a new motor form, it actually puts forward higher requirements for the reliability of the drive, control strategy and control performance, which is also a huge challenge for the entire inverter industry!


Due to the continuous advancement of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, intelligence has become the main theme of the development of the entire industrial field. For the inverter industry, it is gradually transitioning from traditional standard inverters to the overall solution of the industry. The all-in-one computer as the main body has become the mainstream in many industries, and has assumed the key role of the core of the overall equipment intelligence.


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